Code Black Coffee have got roasting delicious beans and blends down to a science

Code Black Coffee have got roasting delicious beans and blends down to a science

When it comes to crafting the perfect cup of joe, these guys mean business.

If you consider yourself a coffee connoisseur, you may already be acquainted with Code Black Coffee. In fact, with their high-quality beans stocked in cafes across Melbourne, even the most casual coffee drinkers are likely to have encountered a cup of Code Black. Their approach to roasting beans isn’t just artful, they’ve got it down to a precise science to ensure the highest quality and finest flavours every time.

Tell us a bit about the coffee bean creation process? Why is it so important that your beans are made in-house?

Quality coffee starts with the raw ingredients: green coffee beans. Our quality trajectory in roasting begins with picking the right green beans through careful and focussed selection. This is the most critical part of our role. As coffee is an organic product, it presents enormous variables within the complexities of the roasting process. Logging quantitative roast data and sensory analysis is all part of our quality control and allows us to replicate successes and learn at every step. Our ultimate goal is to pay respect to the chain of events that have preceded us, honour the efforts of the producer, and showcase the potential of the coffee in the best way possible.

What separates your coffee beans from your Melbourne competition?

Quality in the cup drives us more than anything else. We have a very particular quality standard, which we pursue relentlessly. We also have an understanding that every customer has different flavour preferences, so our range of coffee products reflect that. You’d be hard-pressed not to find something you’ll love in our lineup.

Do you have a favourite coffee blend that you offer? Why is it your favourite?

3056 is the postcode for the Code Black Roastery, and it also represents our signature blend. 3056 is not only our home and signature, it is our community. This blend has a beautifully rounded sweetness and balanced citrus qualities. It’s a medium roast, and its smooth malty profile means it can be used for both milk and espresso. A perfect introduction to Code Black Coffee.

For someone who is not clued into the intricacies of a coffee bean, what does one need to look for when choosing their beans either when making coffee from home or when drinking out?

Let your nose be your guide. Smell usually dictates taste, so if the beans smell good, the taste should follow. There are so many facets of coffee it’s easy to get lost in the noise, but always remember that the perfect cup is the one you enjoy drinking.

In 70 words or less, describe the Melbourne coffee scene.

A sea of discerning taste, striving for perfection.

Tell us a bit about your coffee delivery service. How can one get their hands on your beans?

Pop into the heart of our operation at our Brunswick HQ or jump online for free delivery.

Head to the Code Black Coffee website for online orders and more information. 

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