Ceres’ brilliant new album ‘We Are a Team’ is a captivating narrative of heartbreak and resilience

By Sose Fuamoli

The band's frontman, Tom Lanyon, wears his heart on his sleeve.

There was a point in time when Ceres frontman Tom Lanyon was ready to give up on music. The Melbourne band who have won the hearts of many music fans around the country had struck such a chord with the release of their sophomore album, Drag It Down on You, it would make sense that the momentum would spur its successor on.

This wasn’t the case.

However, through periods of reflection and eventual inspiration, Lanyon began to write, specifically the single ‘Viv in the Front Seat’, and from there We Are a Team was born. The album is one about relationships, love and confidence; a sense of optimism shining through the darkness stands out as Ceres enter a triumphant new phase.

I’m gonna get happy,” Lanyon sings on album opener ‘Marriage’. It’s a fitting gauntlet for the rest of the album to run as Ceres continue to operate at their heartstring-tugging best. ‘Me & You’ and ‘Something Good’ remain strong album highlights, yet We Are a Team is an album best digested whole. Longtime fans of the band will note the rich evolution of the Ceres sound here, while newcomers are being introduced to a band brought back from the brink and attacking their craft with renewed vigor and sincerity.