Cassettes For Kids’ new EP sends a message to the climate deniers

Cassettes For Kids’ new EP sends a message to the climate deniers

Words by Tom Parker

Antipodeans Relief is vocal without being vocal.

A house music inquisitor of the finest calibre, Melburnian Cassettes For Kids has been previously reserved for summer soirees and disco dancefloors. His beats bounce across the clouds like a love-filled Cupid chasing his next target.

On Antipodeans Relief, however, the local DJ and producer tightens his jaw to compile a garage-heavy release beaming with emotions and subliminal messages. If the aerial smokescape that is his EP cover is to say anything, Cassettes, aka Zak Degenhardt, has a few things to share.

The serene ‘Couldn’t See’ implements glitchy breakbeat and sampled mutters to present a moment that’s both melancholic and intense. ‘Change’ is a more tranquil journey that sees garage crunches take a backseat as a vocalist comes to the fore detailing an indeterminate narrative that holds more weight under the song’s suggestive title. What is Degenhardt suggesting here, if anything? As far as I’m concerned, there’s elements of gruff in the track’s conception.

‘Deeper Love’ closes out the EP, a 5am bruiser fit for hazy dancefloors. The smoke machine occupies the airspace and dancers are reminded of hazardous air qualities – maybe the club smog is a sign of alarm, not just an ambient facilitator.