Bincho Boss is the new Japanese fusion hotspot you have to check out

Bincho Boss is the new Japanese fusion hotspot you have to check out

Words by D'Arcy McGregor

Balanced flavours at modest prices.

The fusion Japanese joint Bincho Boss delivers a nice meal without breaking the bank. This little beauty opened up just a few weeks ago and it’s got a comfortable but modern vibe. The waitstaff are very accommodating and the bar has a wide range of sakes to try plus a heap of cocktails which can only be described as yum.

Now to the good stuff – the food.

I tasted most of their self-proclaimed menu highlights. The house made tofu came out first and while the flavours weren’t exactly to my palate, I can appreciate the work put into the silken tofu. It was smooth and the flavours balanced themselves nicely.

The smoked duck breast had a beautiful richness to it; the red miso paste served underneath the meat was a big yes from me. The duck itself was smoked to perfection, making it very soft and tender – the little hint of mustard between the sliced breast was a welcome surprise too.

Chicken Karaage, which is a soy ginger flavoured crispy chicken with mayo and lemon, came out next. I got the spicy version, which I would recommend to most people. It really wasn’t hot but had a lovely flavour to it.

There’s not really too much to the dish, but who doesn’t love fried chicken?

The wagyu beef started off great and got better with every bite. There’s a theatrical element to being served the dish. Their paired steak sauce, a blend of red wine, garlic, ginger, soy sauce and wasabi, was amazing. The beef itself is served rare. It’s super tender and melts in your mouth.

Their tempura ice-cream was served on top of a berry compote, which goes with ice cream, but feels wrong for this dish. However, tempura makes the perfect batter; it’s not too crunchy and super light, and the green tea powder on top was a nice touch. 

I also tried the espresso cream caramel which was a delicious little pot of coffee. It looked liquid when it came out, but it was completely firm and silky to put your spoon through.

The meal I had was really nice, but quite western in the flavours. I would invite other diners to be a little more adventurous when ordering from Bincho Boss’ menu. Overall a really enjoyable meal with well-balanced flavours and textures – and the price is really good too.

Find Bincho Boss at 383-385 Little Bourke St, Melbourne