Big Yawn’s debut album, ‘No!’, is an experimental electronic adventure

Big Yawn’s debut album, ‘No!’, is an experimental electronic adventure

Words by Amber De Luca-Tao

From a band starting to make serious noise on the Melbourne scene.

Melbourne-based, experimental electronic quartet Big Yawn have ripped off the band-aid and released their debut LP, No!. If you think you’re going to get away without bopping your head – or any other body part – along to this album, you’re very, very wrong.

Having released two of the LP’s tracks back in 2019, it was hard to know what to expect from the group down the road. It turns out punchy, and at times, soothing and melodic beats were on the cards – with previously released tracks ‘Skinrat’ and ‘Thomas’ being a taster of the group’s music to come.

Across the 13 tracks on No! you‘ll find there is a song for every one of your moods. ‘Attaboi’ opens the LP, immediately pumping you up for the rest of the album. While track one displays signs of big banger energy, ‘For Whomst’ is a definite highlight, a track that reinjects fresh energy into the album. At five songs in, this track enlivens things before we tuck into the remainder of the release.

For Big Yawn, cross-genre harmony appears to come naturally and No! is a stellar showcase of their affinity for experimentation. So, there’s probably no point sitting here trying to figure out what exactly the group’s sound is – they’re carving out their own as we speak.