Beloved Indian eatery Mukka offers dining vouchers, and we know what we’re getting for Christmas

Beloved Indian eatery Mukka offers dining vouchers, and we know what we’re getting for Christmas

words by tom parker

Founded in 2016, Mukka has become one of Melbourne’s most popular Indian restaurants.

Coming out of lockdown as colourful as ever, Mukka is back to doing what they do best – serving up authentic Indian food to hungry Melburnians the city over.

Melbourne’s faithful love their Indian food and with a menu strewn with creativity and exploration, enter Mukka and you will be taken on a fascinating journey through one of the world’s most culturally-diverse countries.

To the menu, and as we venture into summer, there’s nothing quite like a Mukka lassi to quench your thirst. If you’re after something a little sweeter, then their iconic Indian-inspired cocktails will certainly be up your alley.

Mukka adorers will be well-acquainted with their dosas – through their classic, chicken curry or smoky eggplant and pea variety, experience an authentic South Indian rice pancake overflowing with delicious fillings.

Outside of that, Mukka also has your classic curries, such as a butter chicken, chicken tikka masala and their delectable slow-cooked goat curry. They’ve also got street eats through samosas, bhajis and their Gobi 65 – a classic snack of crunchy, peppered cauliflower florets – as well as tasty biryanis and other street grill dishes. And that’s just the start.

To make the most of the summer rush, Mukka has complemented their vibrant interior with a new parklet at the front of the restaurant. Now diners can enjoy the Mukka experience both inside and out. They also offer dining vouchers – name your price and get a voucher sent to your email just in time for Christmas.

Get yourself a Mukka dining voucher just in time for Christmas via the restaurant website.

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