Bad Suns welcome new synths and instrumentation on new album, ‘Mystic Truth’

While the band’s first two albums were self-admittedly angsty, Mystic Truth eminates personal growth and confidence.

Following album releases in 2014 and 2016, Bad Suns take a new direction with Mystic Truth, their first on Epitaph Records. The unapologetic, defiant album welcomes a new arsenal of synths and instrumentation for the Los Angeles County band. 

The diverse ten track album shows a band reborn, and their new sound is the audible culmination of inspirations varying from Talking Heads and R.E.M, to Kate Bush and Mikhail Bulgakov. With songs like anthemic opening track ‘Away We Go’ contrasted with melodic waltz ‘Darkness Arrives (And Departs)’, Bad Suns leave you obliged to sing along.

‘A Miracle, A Mile Away’ tugs on the post-punk heartstrings while ‘Hold Your Fire’ welcomes a pop-infused rock and roll sing-along. ‘Howling At The Sun’ crams a nostalgic summer guitar riff, hard-hitting bass drum and a headbanging chorus into two minutes and 41 seconds. Final track ‘Starjumper’ allows lead singer Christo Bowman to flaunt vulnerable and dynamic vocals. 


By Priya Francis