The Australian Workers Party want better funding for the arts

The Australian Workers Party want better funding for the arts

Narelle Everard of the Australian Workers Party
Narelle Everard of the Australian Workers Party

This year’s federal election will be the Australian Workers Party’s first. Why was the party created?

We needed a new option – one that isn’t in the pockets of corporate donors and the gambling, coal, petrochemical and pharmaceutical corporations; one that is realistic, and focused on social and environmental justice; one that will stand up for average people and act on climate change. 

What are the party’s goals for the upcoming federal election?

We hope to win seats in Parliament so we can represent you. We think climate change action can’t wait. We want to be in Canberra so someone is there to get action on climate. Now.

Tell us about your policies.

Our key policies include climate action, clean energy and clean conscience – save the Barrier Reef, save the Murray Darling and invest in renewables. We’re committed to wage fairness for workers and income justice for students. It’s also time to end the suffering – there should also be no detention for adults and children. Check out our other policies via our website,

For someone that isn’t too invested in politics, why should they tick your box?

Please don’t tick, your vote won’t count. Please give us your number 1. We won’t bury our heads in the sand. We have an Arts Policy and a plan to help our struggling musicians and others on low incomes. We will fight for better funding, better services, fair and transparent grants and investment in our arts.

Narelle Everard is a Senate candidate for Victoria. On election day this Saturday May 18, you will find her standing for the Australian Workers Party in Group T on the Senate ballot paper. Authorised by M. Ptolemy, PO Box 4062. Winmalee, NSW, 2777.