‘Assimilate’ highlights the cultural oppression still happening in society

‘Assimilate’ highlights the cultural oppression still happening in society

What’s the central premise of your show?

Often assimilation is masqueraded in the word integration and this performance aims to clear the confusion by exploring what it is like to live in a society that erases your existence and suppresses cultural significance. 

If you had to pitch your show to a stranger, what would you say? 

Assimilate is a storytelling-driven piece that uses movement, song, soundscapes and visuals to represent what assimilation is versus integration. It does this by exploring themes of language, identity, belonging, migration, detachment and community. 

What do you want the audience to take away from your show? 

Society is complacent with cultural genocide. We can only co-exist and integrate by accepting the individuality, uniqueness and diversity of all cultures and creating space for its people to practise. 

Would you rather be able to read minds or fly? Explain.

Fly for sure. You can then travel the world for free because what are borders, visas and passports if I can fly?

Tell us five great shows to see at Melbourne Fringe

Neon Corroboree by Amos Roach, The Lizard is Present by Vidya Rajan, KIGALI2097 by Christopher James White, Drag of Kwatye by Stone Motherless Cold, Jîyan by Leila Lois.

Assimilate comes to Nothcote Town Hall from Wednesday September 25 to Friday September 27. Tickets via the Fringe website.