Ali MC & New Dub City Sound: Home


Opening track, Green, sets the scene early on this LP with a real consciously minded reggae / dub track that kicks out a solid beat while espousing the world that cash has built.  It doesn’t take long for front man and producer Ali MC to direct this album over differing musical styles whilst maintaining a consistently strong political message of world unity straight from the heart, sharing his current take on the world. Day in Liberia, Maralinga and the title track Home, which clearly allude to the extensive travelling that Ali MC undertook prior to this album’s creation, give the album an immediate shift with a much welcome softer feel. Without a doubt Mechanical kick-starts the third act with the crunching sound of guitar turning the amp up to ten and paving the way for smooth dub-echoed infused vocals to provide for a nice track indeed. The LP closes with some real nice dub remixes. Overall: a solid release.