Algiers are more malevolent than ever before on new album, ‘There Is No Year’

Algiers are more malevolent than ever before on new album, ‘There Is No Year’

Words by Bronius Zumeris

The American rockers start 2020 off strong.

Another brooding, borderline epic quartet from America, Algiers attack their targets with almost malevolent intent. Rightfully so, because siding with the philosophy of Malcolm X and the Black Panthers among others can only lead to such results. These urban radicals aim to dismantle the decaying capitalist state by giving it one straight between the eyes. 

The first half a dozen songs are cloaked with overt radical thought which aims to foster a parallel cultural universe. Despite this, Algiers are more mischievous than terrorist. As if to symbolise disillusionment with the previous decade and usher in a potentially better new one, listen to dongs such as ‘Dispossession’ and ‘Losing Is Ours’.

Seeking to awaken the consciousness of the listener, Algiers succeed in this endeavour. Echoes of their previous work such as ‘Hymn for an Average Man’ or ‘Walk Like a Panther’ course though the veins of this record. As their homeland stumbles from one shambolic mischief to another, the band stand resolute and bemoan this state of affairs on ‘Nothing Bloomed’ and the closing bonus track ‘Void’.

An album of insurrectionary bravado is simply condensed in the words “Freedom is coming soon” on ‘Dispossession’. Here’s to Algiers, their repertoire stands up to scrutiny under the watchful guidance of Randall Dunn and Ben Greenberg. A victory for the thinking person.