Album premiere: independent label Cosmic Coffin reveals an epic, genre-spanning compilation album

Album premiere: independent label Cosmic Coffin reveals an epic, genre-spanning compilation album

Album cover art by Beeple (Mike Winkelmann)

Prepare yourself for a sonic excursion.

Australian independent record label, Cosmic Coffin, has revealed its first compilation album, an exciting mix of tunes by an assortment of DIY acts simply titled Cosmic Coffin Compilation Album Vol 1. 

Made up of 16 tracks from Australian and American alternative artists, Cosmic Coffin Compilation Album Vol 1. is a smorgasbord of sonic delights which looks to shine a light on relatively-unknown talent, as well as prompting listeners to expand their listening appetite.

Part sampler, part compilation, the album takes two distinct approaches across two sides. The sampler component highlights new music by label related artists, including a minimalist electro-garage composition by Jazz Ciggie (aka Matti Harrod ex-Beanflipper), an early blues-inspired journey from Frankie Death and a tasty fusion of distortion, jazz-metal and West African drumming by Thetamychos.

The compilation aspect reveals fresh tracks from American guests artists including KWKA, Raw Thrills, Beret, Max Davies and Toni Oswald, as well as tunes by homegrown acts Starklane and Taken By Fish.

Ranging from psychedelia and darkwave to freak-folk and post-punk, the record spans a huge spread of genres and artists.

“As a teenager, I discovered new music via the many compilation albums commercially available in the 1980s,” says label founder Frank Kruse. “Fast forward to 2020 where digital mix-tapes and playlists are the norm and the debate of whether the compilation album is still relevant continues.”

“I have curated this compilation with the intention of both exposing some amazing relatively unknown artists and as a stepping stone for further listening discoveries,” he adds.

Amongst the 65 minute long aural journey, you’ll also be met by the sounds of Melbourne groovers Cool Sounds, Jim’s Panache, Speerbot, Geoff Towner, Paddy J and The Silverbeets.

Strap yourself in and give Cosmic Coffin Compilation Album Vol 1. a spin below. 

For more from Cosmic Coffin, head to their Bandcamp