After years of mouthwatering Melbourne pop-ups, Sydney burger gods Mary’s are here for good

After years of mouthwatering Melbourne pop-ups, Sydney burger gods Mary’s are here for good

Words by Caitlin Hynes

Following on from its success in Sydney, Mary’s Melbourne is set to become your newest burger obsession.

It’s safe to say that we Melburnians love food, booze, good company and music. We produce some top-quality exports in all of these areas, and it’s something we’re pretty proud of. It’s no surprise then that our city is something of a pinnacle for restaurateurs, with many business owners across the country flocking to make their mark in Melbourne.

Opening Monday January 20 on Franklin Street, Mary’s Melbourne will be another exciting addition to the culinary fold, specialising in fried chicken and juicy burgers, with some vegan options too.

If you’re a burger fiend, you’re probably already familiar with Mary’s trademark delights, which have made appearances, pop-ups and takeovers across Melbourne over the past few years.

“When we do these pop-up events, it’s our toe in the water to see if there’s any interest,” explains co-founder, Jake Smyth.

“Melbourne has been on our radar for fucking years. That’s why we’ve always loved doing those takeovers at places like Leonard’s House of Love, Leonardo’s Pizza Place and Belles Hot Chicken. Any excuse to get down here we’ve jumped at because we love Melbourne.”

Hailing from Newtown in Sydney and named after the street it’s located on, Mary’s has become a mecca of originality, individualism and plain old good food. It’s no wonder then that owners Jake Smyth and Kenny Graham have expanded southward into the 3000 postcode with Mary’s Melbourne.

“We’re incredibly lucky and we know that,” says Graham. “We turn up to work with a big smile on our face knowing that.

“Some days you struggle and some days you drive home with a big win. Signing the lease in Melbourne was definitely one of those big wins. We’re so excited to call 3000 home.”

Mary’s Melbourne is set to deliver everything a Melburnian could (and does) want – a discreet laneway entrance, good food done well, Insta-worthy interior design and a team of staff who deliver excellent service while also being down for a chat and a laugh.

“Mary’s is a true representation of who we are, and we want to drive home that we do this because we have a genuine empathy and care for humans,” says Smyth.

“It stems and breathes from honesty. No pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes or cutting corners. People come into our home to spend their hard-earned money, so it’s really important to us to deliver a great experience.

“Our family is hospitality born and bred, and Mary’s returns the fun that was missing from other restaurants.”

The team behind Mary’s Melbourne also pride themselves on a menu that has a deep, organic connection to the produce trade right here in Victoria.

“Being in the backyard to the people whose products makes up our patties and wine list, it’s like a wry smile knowing this happened organically for years and has been part of our story for ages. This isn’t manufactured,” Smyth explains.

“We also like to make good food and we do try keep things considered and thoughtful, and it’s become something that people have come to know us by.”

“We’re passionate about helping build and support the Melbourne community,” adds Graham.

“We think everyone deserves Mary’s because a Mary’s burger is the most delicious thing. That’s how seriously we take this. We’re passionate about our product, but we are also ready to listen to what people want.”

Mary’s Melbourne is set to deliver the usual suspects from their Newtown location, including their epic vegan menu, as well as some Melbourne specific items. Bookings will be available for eight or more guests, as well as the opportunity for venue hire.

Mary’s Melbourne opens on Monday January 20 at 167 Franklin Street. Keep up to date with Mary’s via their Facebook page.