With stage three lockdown reinstated, can I visit my partner or meet a friend in a public place?

With stage three lockdown reinstated, can I visit my partner or meet a friend in a public place?

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Words by Tom parker

Partners have the go-ahead to visit each other.

Stage three restrictions will be reinstated from midnight on July 8 meaning that residents of metropolitan Melbourne or Mitchell Shire (encompassing Broadford, Kilmore, Seymour, Tallarook, Pyalong and Wallan) will be unable to leave their home for any reasons except for exercise, shopping for food or essential items, to provide caregiving or to seek medical treatment, or for work or study if you are unable to do so from home.

While the restrictions are relatively comprehensible there are always some lurking questions. One of the biggest queries relates to partners and whether they will be able to visit each other.

Following some clarification, it can be confirmed that partners have the go-ahead as long as they abide by the stage three restrictions currently in place in that postcode area. This basically means that you must adhere to the two-person rule, whereby separate to the household members, only two people can be present in a home at any one time. For example, even if you live in a household of three and all three of you have partners, only two of the partners can be present at once.

When it comes to catching up with friends, while you will be unable to meet up with a mate at either of your residences, you can congregate in a public place with up to two people. So if you want to go for a walk or a jog with a friend you can certainly do so.

For outdoor sport, the following activities are permitted with one other person or household members: fishing, golf, boating, tennis and surfing. Swimming pools and gyms have been closed.

Travel has also been restricted. Holiday accommodation and camping has been closed for people travelling from metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire, unless it is emergency accommodation or for work. You are also unable to visit a second place of residence outside of the restricted area unless it is an emergency situation, for reasons relating to work or in the situation where you have shared custody to stay with an intimate partner who does not live with you.

Weddings have been restricted to a maximum of five people with funerals restricted to a maximum of ten. Religious ceremonies can only take place via broadcast.

Get the full rundown of the stage three restrictions here.

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