What to expect from a Bass and Flinders Distillery gin masterclass

What to expect from a Bass and Flinders Distillery gin masterclass

Bass and Flinders Distillery

Bass and Flinders Distillery has quickly become an Australian leader in spirits. How have you earned such a reputation?

Our approach of producing hand-crafted, small batches of grape-based spirits means we are in total control of what we create. Like our namesakes, we see ourselves as pioneers who are also continually exploring.

What sets the distillery apart from its competition?

Quite simply, it’s our vine-to-bottle process. We employ the ‘Charentais’ method which is the process of distilling base spirit (Eau de Vie) from Chardonnay grapes (rather than grain-based spirits more commonly favoured by many other producers) and we have full control of the entire process.

What’s your top-selling spirit and what makes it so popular?

It’s a tie between our Gin 10, a herbaceous blend of ten botanicals which makes for a full bodied G&T, or our Cerise, a dry style pink gin that’s as appealing to the palette as it is to the eye.

You also conduct spirit-making masterclasses. Tell us a bit about these.

We like to think of ourselves as pioneers of the gin masterclass as we’ve been running them for so long. Attendees tell us how much they love not only creating their own bespoke gin, but also being able to re-order their recipe whenever they require.

What makes the Mornington Peninsula the perfect travel destination?

Once just thought of as a coastal area with some great wines, Mornington Peninsula has come into it’s own and truly cemented itself as a destination for lovers of all food and drink, with not only plenty of wineries but breweries, amazing restaurants and distilleries such as ours creating all manner of wonderful delights.

Check out Bass and Flinders Distillery at 40 Collins Road, Dromana. Make purchases online and find out more about their masterclasses via their website.