We caught up with Plum Green to talk new music and what’s next

We caught up with Plum Green to talk new music and what’s next

How would you describe Plum Green in under 40 words?

I put out a question to my listeners and this is a combination of their words: “Soulful sound with lyrics of blood velvet. There’s something wistful though world-weary about your music. Raggedly honest. Sometimes it reminds me of The Velvet Underground, sometimes it doesn’t.”

You’re just about to release a film clip for the track ‘Funeral Song’. What’s the inspiration behind the video?

A close friend of mine died and ‘Funeral Song’ was her favourite song of mine. The video is a ‘letting go’ ritual. Cinematographer/DP David Chan from Frame of Sound and Director Pete Vulino are both creatively brilliant and thought of the concept together. The video so closely expresses what the song is about – I was moved to tears when I saw it.

You’ve been active in your bushfire fundraising efforts, generating donations for The Rescue Collective. What motivates you to support the cause?

I’m a Kiwi and I’ve lived in Melbourne for seven years. I feel extremely passionate about our nature and wildlife. It has thoroughly broken all of our hearts to witness the devastation of the fires and I am just one of the many artists who can’t bear to witness without contributing.

What’s next for Plum Green?

To promote my forthcoming album Somnambulistic we’re touring Europe, starting in Romania and ending in Germany including festivals. There will also be an album release show in Melbourne with details yet to be confirmed.

Keep your eyes peeled for when Beat premieres Plum Green’s new video for ‘Funeral Song’ on Monday February 17. Find out more about Green via her Facebook page.