Video premiere: Wurli deal with damaged relationships in ‘Rectify’

Video premiere: Wurli deal with damaged relationships in ‘Rectify’


Feelings are shit but Wurli have the answer.

Melbourne soul trio Wurli have unveiled the music video for their sad banger of a debut single, ‘Rectify’. The vintage-looking clip explores a journey of self-discovery and coming to terms with your emotions.

Wurli’s debut track confronts the nagging feeling that holds you back from moving on from a broken relationship. The song was originally conceived as a piano ballad four years ago by vocalist Prudence Illingworth, but it was transformed and recorded as a contemporary soul track this October.

The music video, directed by Shrives Murphy, dives into the psyche of a twenty-something female character living in Melbourne. When planning the clip, Murphy and Illingworth’s end goal was to create an immersive visual experience.

“We didn’t want the film to be a typical narrative, we wanted it to capture the essence of the song. It was always going to be unfiltered, raw and home video style,” Illingworth said.

“Shots of flowing water and fabric, the rubbing of skin, movement of light and bodies — all contributed to these ideas of constant development and change.”

Check out the clip for ‘Rectify’ below:

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