Video Premiere: Manorism’s ‘Moon Rising’ is a dreamy pop-rock nocturne

Video Premiere: Manorism’s ‘Moon Rising’ is a dreamy pop-rock nocturne


The three-minute track is filled with nostalgic vibes.

Melbourne dream pop outfit Manorism have unveiled the clip for their new track ‘Moon Rising’. Stepping away from the conventional colour music video, the clip’s glowing black and white aesthetic ties in nicely with the subtle synth-pop lines that underpin the song.

‘Moon Rising’ comes from humble beginnings. The song started off as a 10-minute synth and drum demo before the band gave it shape with lyrics and a melody.

“After more than a couple of hours, we came up with the chorus melody and that’s when we knew we had stumbled across something exciting,” singer Shantanu Joshi said.

The track came together just after newcomer Simon Farrelly was welcomed to the Manorism family.

“Simon’s input, his perspective and skill were really refreshing and excited us for the next stage in performance and sound,” said Joshi.

“Sometimes it just takes another person to shake things up, and Simon made us feel like we were a new band again, we newfound excitement and vision.”

The music video for ‘Moon Rising’ takes elements from a classic film noir, with its black and white cinematography and nighttime setting, but perhaps with a less serious mood. Filmed in a fairly domestic locale, the music video captures the excitement that fills the air when the night is young and boundless.

Check out the music video for ‘Moon Rising’ below:

Manorism are launching ‘Moon Rising’ at the Grace Darling Hotel on Friday July 5. For more info, head to the Facebook event.