Unpacking the rent vs. buy dilemma, plus a year’s worth of rent is on the house

Unpacking the rent vs. buy dilemma, plus a year’s worth of rent is on the house

Words by Eva Marchingo

Whether you rent or own your home, everyone wants the place they hang their hat to suit them.

You might like the flexibility of renting or you might be dreaming of finding somewhere to settle down. Either way, the question remains: to rent or to buy?

First things first, we need to talk about money. Renting seems like the most affordable choice with the only upfront financial commitment being a month’s rent for bond. But things can quickly change and the flexibility you love about your rental might end up biting you in the backside.

Home ownership is the Great Australian Dream, but it’s often perceived as being financially difficult. Yet how difficult is it really? Long gone are the days when you needed a 20 per cent deposit, now you need only 5 per cent to enter the market. With a few months rent in savings, you could be well on your way to home ownership, just ask Homebuyers Centre.

First-home buyer specialists Homebuyers Centre are making your debut into the property market easy and affordable. They’ll support you in building your dream home with care, consideration, and innovation. And they’ll help you figure out how to afford it.

The HomeBuilder Grant, announced earlier in the year, isn’t the only trump card prospective homeowners have up their sleeve. There are heaps of grants designed especially for young people looking to dip their toes in the housing market.

The $10,000 First Home Owner Grant, stamp duty concessions, as well as the First Home Loan Deposit and First Home Super Saver Grants are all there to aid you in finding your first home. And the best part is: you can be eligible for more than one.

Homebuyers Centre wants to help you get into your first home sooner, so they’re offering a sweet deal of their own through their ‘Win a Year’s worth of Rent’ competition: $20,000 to help one lucky person get closer to their dream of home ownership.

With cost considerations taken care of, there are still some differences that need to be understood between renting and owning.

While renting could be perceived as a more malleable way of living, owning a home affords you many other flexibilities – especially when you build. Instead of changing your surroundings by moving, you can change your surroundings by modifying. The look and feel of your home is entirely up to you.

The aesthetic choices you can make in a home you own are vast, you can say goodbye to command strips and settling for a fish when you really wanted a rescue greyhound. You can paint the walls, landscape the garden, and scuff the floors as much as you like – not that you’d want to do much of the latter.

While you may have more flexibility with suburb choice when it comes to renting, the rent prices aren’t friendly or cost-effective for desirable suburbs such as Fitzroy, Northcote, Brunswick and Carlton.

And what is your postcode worth when you have an outside toilet in the middle of winter or paint peeling from the ceiling? Experts in caring for first-home buyers, you can trust Homebuyers Centre to introduce you to the best affordable fringe suburbs to call home.

Buyer demand has almost doubled in Clyde and Wollert over the past year, and other suburbs in Melbourne’s north are calling out with house and land packages just for you.

You’ll be happy to trade tram noises and walks to Edinburgh Gardens when you experience the open space, genuine community and education prospects these outer suburbs have to offer.

In the midst of a pandemic, buying or building a home could seem out of reach. But now could be your time to strike. Take a digital tour of Homebuyers Centre’s display homes and chat online with their experts to get your dream underway.

Make the most of the government’s handouts and put it toward building your new life and investing in a new community.

After all, if this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s how much we deeply envy those who can safely plant, tend, and reap the rewards of a veggie patch without the fear of it being uprooted – literally – on the whim of their landlord.

Find out more about Homebuyers Centre’s ‘Win a Year’s worth of Rent’ competition here.

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