Two Fingers’ new album ‘Fight! Fight! Fight!’ is a heaving drum & bass adventure

Two Fingers’ new album ‘Fight! Fight! Fight!’ is a heaving drum & bass adventure

Words by Tom Parker

Renowned Brazilian producer Amon Tobin has revived his Two Fingers project.

For those who don’t know Amon Tobin, the Brazilian musician has solidified a reputation as one of the most eccentric adventurers in electronic music. Tobin has lent his music to a number of acclaimed films, such as Italian Job and 21, and produced scores for video games such as Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and Infamous.

He’s also released music under a number of names, including Cujo, Only Child Tyrant, Amon Tobin as well as Two Fingers, the latter of which has spawned a new 2020 album.

Fight! Fight! Fightis a gritty drum & bass record that would feel right at home as a soundtrack to a sci-fi thriller. While the record feeds off the scorching bass that underpins it there are some really dextrous samples and explorations here. ‘You Ain’t Down’ catapults of industrial tendencies and a minimalist Hindi-like jitter to embody an EDM track that would fill up any malleable nightclub.

‘Nuff Swizz Rhythm’ would be the perfect addition to your running playlist – like pistons pumping at full speed, the beat grits its teeth and pounds along the pavement like a marathon runner entering their final stretch.

Fight! Fight! Fight! will be a novel listening experience for many not ordinarily invested in drum & bass music but if there was ever an album perfectly placed to introduce you to the genre, this would be it.

Fight! Fight! Fight! is out now via Nomark Records. Give it a spin via streaming services.

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