Trash & The Treasures

Trash & The Treasures

Trash & The Treasures are tearing it up at Globe Alley on a Monday night.
Hot on the heels of EP Release ‘Reduced to Clear’, soaked in the glory of new found notoriety nursing scars of hard earned wisdom and hungry for more stages to plunder. Harmonica powered Blues-Punk at its debaucherous best.

Globe Alley is Melbourne’s newest dive bar full of live music gourmet burgers and free 60’s pinball. All hidden away in a shadowy back alley off China Town. Late night, Winter, Weekday, dark end of town… you could stay home and watch Netflix or you could make it a night to talk of around campfires.

To misquote Henry V:
“Gentlemen at home now a-bed
Shall think themselves accurs’d they were not there, And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks That rocked with us upon that Monday night”

Globe Alley is cooking up a specialty personalised “Trashie Burger” to honor the occasion. Wrap your laughing gear around that one!

Get a baby sitter, book an Uber, throw a sickie – Its On!

Free entry – buy a T-Shirt you cheapskates!

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