Tommy Wiseau and ‘The Avengers’ come together in this weird autotuned mashup

Image: YouTube

Oh, hi Nick Fury.

Two universes you never thought would collide, Tommy Wiseau and Marvel, have, indeed, collided. The genius behind cult film The Room has uploaded a weird autotune mashup to his YouTube channel.

The five-minute video, titled ‘Avengers: Friend Game’, features Wiseau stitched into scenes from the Avengers franchise and it’s semi-coherent at best. The autotuned song features lines from both films and is fairly easy to tap your foot along to. What’s even more astounding is The Room co-star Greg Sestero has clearly jumped on board to act in some additional scenes for the video.

The clip was produced by sketch comedy duo PistolShrimps and The Gregory Brothers, the same minds behind the Songify The News series. The strange mashup follows Wiseau and Sestero’s recent venture into the world of animation.

Watch the completely absurd mashup below: