‘Tminus1200’ is the Fringe show that’s completely different each time

‘Tminus1200’ is the Fringe show that’s completely different each time


What’s the central premise of your show?

To make a whole play in only a day, with a new and different show each night! Over four nights we have four different directors, casts and provocations.

If you had to pitch your show to a stranger, what would you say?

Have you ever walked into a theatre and not known anything about what you’re about to see? Doesn’t that sound exciting! We’re pushing the boundaries of how theatre can be made.

What does your show say about society today?

It has less to say about society and is more influenced by it. We live in a fast world that is always go, go, go. I wanted to take that approach to theatre, throw a bunch of people together and make something fast!

Where do you plan to take your show after Melbourne Fringe?

What I would love to do is gather some of Australia’s elite artists and have them all come together in one of Australia’s largest theatres, throw them all together and see what they can make in 12 hours.

If your comedy show was a flavour, what would it be and why?

Ooooh, it would be like those BeanBoozled jelly beans, you don’t know what flavour you’re gonna get! It’s a fun surprise with each new bean.

Tminus1200 comes to the Alex Theatre from Wednesday September 18 to Sunday September 22 (bar Saturday). Tix start at $22 via the Fringe website.