This hip hop show at Arts Centre Melbourne uses a fairytale to combat racism

This hip hop show at Arts Centre Melbourne uses a fairytale to combat racism

One the Bear
Words by Jonti Ridley

One the Bear introduces young people to serious themes in a lighthearted medium.

Educating audiences about complex social issues have become far simpler thanks to the innovative combination of theatre and activism in Art Centre Melbourne’s newest show One the Bear.

Created by the talented Candy Bowers, the production explores themes of identity, fame, friendship and colonialism through two young bears and contemporary hip hop. The plot is centred around two orphan cubs, One and Ursula, who are seemingly limited to their means within the rubbish tip they call home. Feeling frustrated while living under ‘hunter law’ and dreaming of the days when bears were free, the two must take a break from their regular mischief and face their issues head-on. When the duo’s lives start to change, students are introduced to a dystopian world that isn’t too far from our own.

The show is carefully produced to use the relatable mediums of hip hop and theatre to tackle serious issues including racism, cultural appropriation and body image. On the production side of things, punters can expect vibrant neon projections and beats that’ll make it hard to sit still, tied together with an overarching message that friendship conquers all.

One the Bear comes to Arts Centre Melbourne from Thursday August 8 until Saturday August 10. You can read more about the show and grab tickets via the venue website.