The Wheeler Centre are getting musicians to reveal their crushes

*Mandy Moore’s ‘Crush’ swells in the background*

We’ve all fallen down the rabbit hole of a crush and found ourselves amidst a whirlwind of excitement and nerves. Through its peaks and troughs, crushes of all magnitudes have inspired countless written, artistic and musical creations. So, what better topic to have a bunch of musicians, journalists and writers tackle?

As the theme of the Wheeler Centre’s 2019 Gala Night of Storytelling, ‘Crush’ will see a team of ten storytellers unpack the topic of crushes by selecting a fictional character to fawn over. On the panel, you’ll find Indigenous writer Claire G. Coleman, musician Megan Washington, comedian Claire Hooper, lawyer and radio presenter Jon Faine, comedian and documentary maker Lawrence Leung, writer Sinead Stubbins, entertainer and writer Faustina Agolley, musician and Killing Heidi frontwoman Ella Hooper and nonbinary author Alison Evans.

In an evening bound to elicit some crushes, the panellists will gush, swoon and let their imaginations run wild. Set to be an entertaining take on an intrinsically human experience, you won’t want to miss ‘Crush’The event will be Auslan interpreted.