The Strokes perform brand new track, ‘The Adults Are Talking’

The Strokes
The Strokes by Roger Woolman

The first new music in three years.

The Strokes have debuted a brand new track, ‘The Adults Are Talking’, live at a benefit performance in Los Angeles.

‘The Adults Are Talking’ is the first new whisper of new music since their 2016 EP, Future Present Past. Before that, the only major release from the American rockers came in 2013 with Comedown Machine. Members of The Strokes have since gone on to work on other projects, such as frontman Julian Casablanca’s 2018 record, Virtue, with his other outfit, The Voidz.

Given it’s been three years since any murmurs of The Strokes have come our way, let’s hope more is in the works.

Check out the live performance of ‘The Adults Are Talking’ below: