Apocalyptica, Thornhill and more: The scorching metal releases still to come for 2019

Apocalyptica, Thornhill and more: The scorching metal releases still to come for 2019

Words by Anna Rose

It’s October… but heavy metal isn’t done with 2019 just yet!

Someone said to me recently, “Next week is October”, and my jaw just dropped. Where did the year go?! And by the time you, dear reader, are casting your eyes over these words, we’ll be halfway through the month and with only ten weeks of the year, nay, the decade, left! Whaaa…?!

If you’re anything like me, it’s likely the time has flown by because you’ve immersed yourself heavily in the many metal offerings – albums, tours, festivals, more band tees than necessary – we’ve had thrust before our collective faces this year. But it ain’t over yet! Heavy metal is far from done with us. Here’s a few juicy new releases heading our way before the year is out.

Eye Of The Enemy – Titan

Melbourne’s own metallers Eye Of The Enemy have a brand new album out now via Art Is War Records. These guys are incredibly active members of the Australian heavy metal circuit, playing several notable shows and national tours with international bands including Fleshgod Apocalypse, Fear Factory, At The Gates, Children Of Bodom, and not one but two runs with Amon Amarth! Eye Of The Enemy plan to return to the road early next year.

Red Sea – ‘The Score’

Okay so it’s only a single, but if the face-melting riffage in this track from Sydney prog-metal outfit Red Sea is anything to go by, the upcoming EP – slated for release in early 2020 – will be absolutely brutal. Inspired by the #MeToo movement, Trump, and the general state of the world, ‘The Score’ is out now – and if it’s slipped off your radar, shame on you for ignoring such greatness!

Apocalyptica – Cell-0

My favourite cello-metal maestros! Yeah I know, this one is out in early January, so not technically a contender for metal in this year, but rumour has it we’re to expect a single or two from the ninth studio album to be dropped by the Finnish quartet before the year is out! If that’s not enough to get you excited for some new original tuneage from these classical buffs turned metal gods, you’d best check out their 23-year back catalogue and prepare yourselves.

Thornhill – The Dark Pool

It’s going to be a minute before you get to enjoy this treat of an album – Friday October 25 through UNFD, to be exact – but I’ve heard it already and, ye gods! This is pure post-hardcore gold! Melbourne five-piece Thornhill are finally set to release their debut full-length album. From the unrelenting riffage of lead single ‘Nurture’, to the sweltering breakdowns and the breathy moments of the rest, The Dark Pool captures the breadth and depth of this group’s knockout brand of heavy.