Watch The National’s 24-minute film, ‘I Am Easy To Find’

Watch The National’s 24-minute film, ‘I Am Easy To Find’

The National
Photography by Graham MacIndoe

Brooding US rockers The National have released the sister film to their upcoming album, I Am Easy To Find.

According to the director, Mike Mills, the 24-minute video isn’t a music clip for the album. The film and the album are, in his words, “playfully hostile siblings that love to steal from each other”. I Am Easy To Find features reworked tracks that will feature on the upcoming release, including ‘Quiet Light’, ‘Oblivions’, and ‘Rylan’.

The movie shows the protagonist, played at times by Ex-Machina’s Alicia Vikander, from birth to death. Melbourne and Sydney audiences were treated to an advanced screening of I Am Easy To Find earlier this month.

To date, The National have released three singles off their upcoming record: ‘You Had Your Soul With You’, ‘Light Years’ and ‘Hairpin Turns’. Their full album will be released Friday May 17.

Check out I Am Easy To Find below:

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