The inspiration behind the Earth Show rock and classical concert

The inspiration behind the Earth Show rock and classical concert

Matthew Fagan

Tell us a bit about Earth Show. What is the inspiration behind the concert? 

After the great success of sold-out concert Star ShowA Rock and Classical Journey through the Universe, Danza Productions saw the issues facing our environment as great inspiration for Earth Show. Utilising iconic prog rock and classical music, the show celebrates our unique place in the universe and raises awareness of what we stand to lose by not addressing the growing threats to our environment. 

How does the performance portray the state of society’s current climate change approach?

The visual projection material for the concert celebrates the beauty and diversity of our living planet including animals, plants, fungi and forests, with some focus on the preservation and restoration of forests – a natural climate solution option.

There will also be an environment symposium prior to Earth Show. Tell us a bit about this.

Called Our Shared Home, the symposium goes from 5pm to 6:30pm and has speakers from current cutting-edge projects for the preservation of animals, plants and forests. These speakers will share about a range of activities with which the public can get involved in.

Prior to that, Danza El Vito Ritual Fire Dance will be performed as a matinee.

What can we expect from this?

To experience the romance and passion with El Vito Chamber Group members Nicholas Young, an award-winning pianist, as well as renowned ten-string Spanish classical guitarist Matthew Fagan, who has toured with the Buena Vista Social Club. The music features everything from flamenco and tango to modern jazz while renowned flamenco dancers Laura Uhe and Fernando Mira will also perform.

Earth Show comes to Deakin Edge, Fed Square on Saturday November 9. Grab your tickets for both the symposium and the concert via Eventopia. For 20 per cent off your concert ticket, be sure to use the online discount code ‘BEAT’.