The Eternity Rose is the romantic gift combining timelessness and sentiment

The Eternity Rose is the romantic gift combining timelessness and sentiment

A flower your lover can keep forever.

Many lovers think of a nice dinner date, beauty items, or a new dressing gown when it comes to the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. There can be so much more creativity at play, however. That’s where The Eternity Rose come in – specialising in gold-dipped and glazed roses, this brand is redefining what makes a heartfelt and adventurous Valentine’s present.

For all of human history, the rose has been a symbol of love, emotion and beauty. Combined with gold, you have immortalised the very essence of luxury and sentiment – The Eternity Rose are already five steps ahead. Across their range, there’s options for all budgets. With gorgeous pendants on offer, made from real rose petals, which have been glazed and gold-trimmed. You can mix and match colours to your heart’s content.

Try combining a gold-dipped rose with a pendant and earrings and you have something really special. All items can be isolated, however, and if you’re not into a rose gold-dipped, have it glazed in colours red, purple, pink or blue. And that’s just the start.

The Eternity Rose believe in the beauty of timelessness. A rose is an expression of love and lust, however, it’s also a keepsake that you can display for years to come as your relationship continues to blossom.

What’s more, the gifts are made from real roses grown in The Eternity Rose’s nursery. Employing trained horticulturalists, they grow the very best roses out there – there are no expenses spared.

Spoil your loved one for Valentine’s Day with The Eternity Rose. Check out their range and find out more via their website.