The East Pointers talk us through the most significant tracks on ‘Yours To Break’

The East Pointers talk us through the most significant tracks on ‘Yours To Break’


This song is about seeing the strength in someone who doesn’t see it in themselves. This is the most poignant song on the record because it speaks to some of the tough times each of us have gone through. We made an amazing video for this one with our friend Emma Watkins from The Wiggles, who is a big advocate for more content for deaf and hearing impaired audiences in Australia.

Halfway Tree

This is folklore from our hometown in Western Prince Edward Island in Canada, about a tree that exists halfway between the town and a tavern, and the ghost or spirit that haunts it. Putting a happy spin on that story, this song is really dancy and uplifting from start to finish. When it came to writing ‘Halfway Tree’, our
producer, Gordie Sampson was playing with a Cuban rhythm, and a moving bass line.

If You’re Still In I’m Still In

This song is about going for it and never giving up on somebody. It’s a love song but there is a lot of urgency and it encourages people to throw off whatever may be holding them back. The fiddle tune in it is actually a tune that we wrote for Anthony from The Wiggles.

Before My Time

‘Before My Time’ was written at Woodford Folk Festival and has a bit of a hip hop groove to it. For a joke, Jake [Charron] played a classic late ‘90s riff over it on piano and Tim [Chaisson] put down a simple beat. Lucy Farrell had written a beautiful tune for the Modern Fairies project she was working on in England and
the words worked so well with the melody.