‘The Death of Me‘ is yet another knockout effort from Polaris

‘The Death of Me‘ is yet another knockout effort from Polaris

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Words by Sosefina Fuamoli

It says a lot about a young band who can lay down two albums that are deserving of the ‘career defining’ label.

Polaris, with their sophomore effort The Death of Me, have done just this. Following on from an impactful debut record in The Mortal Coil, the Sydney band’s new material introduces listeners to an outfit on a sonic odyssey very much of their own.

Their music refuses to be defined by the genre’s long-standing traditions, instead it takes influences from across the board and threads them together intricately, producing music marked with their own stamp of individuality. For many, The Death of Me will stand out as an early highlight of 2020 – Polaris shine with their dynamism as a unit, while the songwriting strength exhibited on The Mortal Coil has seen a strong yet natural graduation.

Jamie Hails has stepped things up even more on vocals, while Daniel Furnari’s percussion is threatening as ever. Between Ryan Siew, Jake Steinhauser and Rick Schneider, you have one of the tightest young rhythm and guitar units out. All of these elements together make for an unbeatable group.

From ‘Hypermania’ through to ‘Masochist’ and ‘Above My Head’, Polaris barrel headfirst into a range of emotions with deft use of balance and tone. Every riff, melody and rhythm has its place. The breakdowns are executed brilliantly, with the band taking their time in constructing each arrangement to fit a vision rooted in intensity.

An album to stand by, with The Death of Me, Polaris have shown the legacy they’re building is a damn strong one.