The dark inspiration behind Burden Man’s forthcoming EP

The dark inspiration behind Burden Man’s forthcoming EP

Burden Man

How did Burden Man come together in the first place?

The concept came about when life was particularly difficult. I was in the middle of a downward spiral. I had a strong desire to get away from metal, write simple music as a solo act and work on songwriting and melody. Naturally, the music has expanded.

Tell us about your forthcoming EP. What is the story behind it? What inspired it?

With Burden Man being predominately a band now, we wanted that represented. Thematically & musically, we’ve expanded on heavy depression and loneliness. We’re not alone in this (ironic). Life is hard, emotions are difficult, but we learn to grieve, grow and move forward.

Your music is identifiable by its sombre narratives. Why is it that you make such dark music?

This is a meditation. It’s mindfulness and keeps us accountable for ourselves. If I write “It hurts to be alive” on the page, I think, ‘Shit. Why do I feel this way? What can I do to change that?’ These songs are the beginning of change.

How does this darkness lend to melody? How would you describe your sound?

Baritone vocals, blackened screams, trudging doom and melancholic acoustic all lend themselves perfectly to feelings of depression, anxiety, existential dread and mortality fears. The trick is incorporating the full spectrum of human emotion with varying vocal ranges. More on that soon.

Is there any exciting Burden Man news on the horizon? Got any shows coming up?

Our EP is out now on Spotify. The next show is September 1 at The Vanguard in Sydney and the wheels are in motion for our next release within the first quarter of next year.

Burden Man’s latest single ‘Trenches’ is out now via digital streaming platforms. Head to Burden Man’s Facebook page to stay in the loop for gigs and new releases.