The Carnival Of The Impossible

A brand new event of endless possiblity where you are invited to perform your experiments and surreal ideas.

The Canival of the Impossible wends its merry way into Bar 303 this June offering you a night of oppulent ridiculousness, impossible possiblities and the opportunity for you to experiment in any realm of performance. Get your victorian circus party piece on, throw a seance, stand on your head, lead us in a patriotic song about wheelbarrow lore, tell a story. The stage is your oyster, expect an event like no other, run by ridiculous carnies with all kinds of tricks up their sleeves and a delicious carnie atmosphere. Bring along your very own theatrical/ musical/ spoken word/ performance art/ comedy/ physical act and be prepared for some of the carnie’s very own bizzare performances.

For updates and sign up infomation stay tuned to this event page.