The ‘Broad City’ season five release date has arrived

The ‘Broad City’ season five release date has arrived


It seems your favourite joint-toking, Trump-hating duo will be back on your screen before you know it, with the show’s creators Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer announcing the release date of the fifth and final season of Broad City, due to air January 24 on Comedy Central.

The show, which began as a YouTube web-series between main characters, creators and comedy queens Jacobson and Glazer, has become somewhat of a phenomenon since being picked up by Comedy Central – the duo’s one-liners and ridiculous weed-fuelled antics proving highly entertaining and perhaps a bit too relatable.

Will Abbi and Trey end up together? Will we ever meet Melody? Will Abbi and Ilana ever get their lives together? While there’s not much to go on, other than a short teaser announcing the show’s release date and making you realise that the pair spend an awful lot of time sprinting through the streets of New York, you can bet whatever season five brings will have you in hysterics.