The best hard rock karaoke singalongs of all time, period

The best hard rock karaoke singalongs of all time, period

Words by Jonti Ridley

Any we left out?

Before we even start, we all know every man and his dog has their own definitive ‘all-time favourite karaoke go-tos’. Whether it’s a guilty pleasure or a flat-out banger, some songs are just well, irresistible. In readiness for the next instalment of Stay Gold’s epic Hard Rock Karaoke Night, we’ve prepared to ultimate tracks, the golden setlist for when your time is now, for when it’s time for you to line your throat with flakes of gold and let it rip.

AC/DC – ‘Highway To Hell’

The iconic single from the album of the same name, ‘Highway To Hell’ may very well be most peoples’ introduction to the hard rock genre. Not only is it an Australian favourite from our homegrown rock group, AC/DC, it also bears one of the most triumphant choruses’ this genre has ever produced. Unleashing this track on stage will make even your least favourite uncle (the one who still wears a faux-bullet belt) proud.

The Ramones – ‘I Wanna Be Sedated’

This 1978 classic has something everyone can relate to, particularly if you’re calling an end to a day that incorporated anaesthetic (because we’ve all been there). Although this tune is a little on the repetitive side, if you can keep your energy up and get the crowd involved, the payoff is immeasurable. A teased mullet isn’t required, but it is encouraged.

Led Zeppelin – ‘Immigrant Song’

It’s one of those songs that a lot of us claim to have never heard, that is until it starts to play. The introduction to this track is a powerful one, and we recommend warming your vocal cords before you have a go, to avoid that dreaded voice-crack. It’s also worth mentioning it plays a key role as the backing track in the life-changing fight sequence within Shrek 3 – you know the one.

The Runaways – ‘Cherry Bomb’

Where would the hard rock world be without The Runaways, and more specifically their single ‘Cherry Bomb’. This single smashed down doors for all-female rock bands at the time and has been a power anthem for all wild girls since. Don’t get it twisted, this is a tune for any gender.

Twisted Sister – ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’

When it comes to rambunctious hair, Twisted Sister hold the throne. We’re not sure how much hairspray and blue eyeshadow you’ve got at home, but we suggest stocking up before taking the stage to pay the respect this track deserves. Perfectly capturing the fed-up attitude of the working class at the time, this one is more relevant than ever.

The Angels – ‘Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again’

Now if you’re looking for audience participation, this is the tune to choose. With the best call-and-response of all time, this Aussie classic has it all. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, ask your folks because there’s no way they haven’t chanted this one down at the local once or twice.

Joan Jett – ‘I Love Rock N’ Roll’

I realise this is technically Jett’s second feature on this list, but this is my list and not yours. Jett’s everlasting effect on the rock genre can’t be ignored, and her literal love song to the genre is as iconic as rock comes. This is also an excellent choice to get the crowd clapping along to keep your leather boot stomps on beat.

Guns N’ Roses – ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’

Another hard rock song to make it into cinematic history (see: Step Brothers), ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ appears on most karaoke lists regardless of genre. This one makes for a stellar performance because regardless of singing capability, it’s pure fun trying to imitate Axl Rose’s voice trills with a hint of nasal.

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