The Aints’ new mini-album is a potent return from the garage legends

Words by Bronius Zumeris

The five-track release doesn't beat around the bush.

There has been a slight tremor in The Aints! camp – they have added an exclamation mark to their name. This unholy trinity of almost biblical proportions features a former Saint, a New Christ and a Sunnyboy. They want to take you to the garage for their brand of electrified redemption, toying with signposts of the Ed Kuepper history.

Let’s start with the title. 5-6-7-8-9 is five tracks which are a continuum of The Saints’ four-track 1-2-3-4. Uncanny. There are songs titled ‘The Laughing Clowns’, ‘Hang Jean Lee’ and memories of various Kuepper moments flood in; of course there is reason for a song to be called ‘Memories Are Made Of This’.

‘Goodnight Ladies [I Hear A Sound Without]’ is a beguiling track that was originally conceived by a then childlike mind of Kuepper nearly half a century ago. It’s taken decades to fully form.

On 5-6-7-8-9, there is reimagining of songs which hark back to more carefree times. Despite the years the various bandmembers have fought the good fight, they still sound potent and give your ears a rattling overhaul. Brilliant stuff.