Sunday Smallgoods

Sunday Smallgoods


Sunday Smallgoods is excited to welcome Karate Boogaloo and J.Macfarlanes Reality Guest in for an intimate performance on March 29.

Making up the rhythm section of long-time Melbourne soul favourites The Cactus Channel, Karate Boogaloo are the zany quartet that exists to remind us of the beauty of colouring outside the lines; their unconventional, heavy hitting funk guided by a steadfast commitment to bending the rules.

2020 is looking to be big for the Boogers, with their debut album dropping, and a European tour on the horizon, with a slot at Giles Peterson’s We Out Here festival.

J. McFarlanes Reality Guest is a visionary project from the prolifically talented Jules McFarlane. The ex-Twerps member’s album ‘Ta Da’ has the instant appeal of a timeless pop classic and the surprising thrills of a free jazz odyssey. It made Triple R’s album of the week, with it’s powerful melodies, playful instrumentation, dubby production and pure creative curiosity. Her live performances with like-minded multi-instrumentalists Tamsen Hopkinson and Ela Stiles showcase a wealth of musical prowess.

Both bands have recently ticked playing at Meredith’s Supernatural Amphitheatre off their bucket list, with Karate Boogaloo playing a standout sunset performance in December and J. Macfarlanes Reality Guest delivering an unforgettable performance at Golden Plains last weekend.

Supporting DJs:
~ Adriana
~ Allysha Joy
~ Noise In My Head