Sunday Smallgoods

Sunday Smallgoods

Jim’s Poolside Cafe presents an afternoon of live music with two bands that would slide into the lounges at the cafe any day of the week.

From coast to country, Swazi Gold formed by mates/members Sam Cooper, Chris Jennings and Tim Karmouche radiate that positive, motivating energy you feel when listening to that favourite Nigerian funk, that slow 80’s disco stepper or American folk strummer.

Over to the back beach, Dreamin’ Wild are the sun-soaked, smart-casual jazz pop cousins of Swazi Gold. Sharing members of Swazi Gold’s Chris Jennings & Tim Karmouche, along with Monty Hartnett, Sam Cooper, Jimmy Guida & Saraj Quirk, Dreamin’ Wild take the sonic equivalent of a slow walk along the shore line. Listening to Dreamin’s debut 2019 album makes us feel like getting horizontal. Not the sleepy kind of horizontal. The kind of horizontal where your neck is perched up by the palms of your hands, enough to watch a sunset kind of horizontal. Thanks to Research Records for sharing both groups’ music over the past years.

Bands from 4pm. Interstitial music from friends and patrons of the Cafe.


It might be a three-piece, brass or a gang of crooners – we’ve curated the best selection to liven up your last few hours of freedom before Monday morning comes.

Revelling or recovering, don’t worry about it. Smash an empanada, sit on a flight of froffs and let the sharp edges fade away.