STREAM: Malcura

STREAM: Malcura

“Captain Snus” is a Brand newbie to be released live at The Bendigo for Yarra City council’s ‘Leaps And Bounds’ on Monday 15th June 2020 at 8pm on FaceBook Live .

Honing their craft as buskers in Melbourne’s Bourke Street Mall alongside the likes of Tash Sultana and The Pierce Brothers, Malcura have captivated the public with their distinctive sound, which combines the technical ability and passion of Flamenco with Latin rhythms and a Rock’n’Roll mentality (see their cover of AC/DC’s “Hells Bells” if you need proof).

Malcura have just released the music video for “Captain Snus”, an uptempo, genre-bending banger that is the second single to be released from their forthcoming album, “Malcura II”.

The new video, shot by Melbourne filmmaker Alex Given, sees the band suited up and rocking out on a 50s-style talk show hosted by the affable Sean “Chilli Bean” Car – but their personalities begin to clash in front of a “live audience”.

The video is influenced by bands such as The Shadows and The Ventures, with some classic choreography being used to its full potential by Malcura as they navigate through Gypsy Jazz, Surf Rock, Death Metal and Mariachi styles throughout the song.

The band’s new album “Malcura II” will soon be available for pre-orders in a range of formats and will feature track-by-track artwork by Jamie “Poongoat” Peters. Follow Malcura online for further details.