Introducing Steri-LIVE, the creative phenomenon spotlighting the music festivals of the future

Introducing Steri-LIVE, the creative phenomenon spotlighting the music festivals of the future

Words by Tom Parker

What is the future of music festivals?

Arts Centre Melbourne, The Push, the Australian Music Vault and the Parliament of Victoria have come together for a revolutionary initiative. Steri-LIVE looks to spotlight the music festivals of the future, where a more changeable and diverse creative landscape looms.

Engaging with The Push’s New Slang program – a yearly project that sees young talents organise all-ages live music events showcasing Australian talent – Steri-LIVE has asked burgeoning creatives an important question: what does the future of music festivals look like, in a socially-distant world that’s more sustainably-inclined and diversity-minded?

From there, the 14-17 year-olds within the New Slang program took part in a series of creative exercises, under the tutelage of revered photographer Giulia McGauran, beat-maker Beatrice Lewis (Haiku Hands) and filmmaker Nick Campbell. What resulted was the creation of three pieces – an image, a short film and an immersive audio piece that encapsulated the concept of the future music festival.

Observing the pieces via the Australian Music Vault website, the participants have crafted a surreal experience transporting you into the middle of the mosh, where the energy is visceral and vibrant. As you walk through the front gates, a quick look at the festival schedule sees you rush to see the first band. The experience snowballs and suddenly you’re dancing the night away, belting out the lyrics to your favourite songs arm-in-arm with your closest friends.

With COVID-19 disrupting the Victorian Parliament’s regular Youth Week events, Steri-LIVE was born. The Parliament’s youth engagement team approached Arts Centre Melbourne and the Australian Music Vault to come up with a creative idea to replace these important events.

With the awareness that many young Victorians were feeling isolated and disempowered as result of the pandemic, Steri-LIVE reconnected and liberated the participating creatives.

Check out the video created by the Steri-LIVE participants below.

Explore the creative phenomenon that is Steri-LIVE here.

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