Steele Saunders – I Love Green Guide Letters

Steele Saunders – I Love Green Guide Letters


You know the type, you’ve mocked the type. Grumpy old ladies, radical homosexual-hating Christians, people who really really like complaining. Finally, a platform based solely around nitpicking the nuisance nitpickers.

I Love Letters To The Green Guide can be reasonably controversial. As with any good outspoken podcast or twitter content: it attracts quite a few complaints.

Steele did point out at one point of this particular episode that god was the world’s greatest marketer. The crucifix is pretty widely purchased. “He’s moved a lot of merch, god,” Steele quipped.

That’s what makes the show great. It’s in-your-face humour at its very best.

The benefit of having television personalities doing guest spots is that they get to respond to their critics. One of the biggest laughs came was when a letter writer complained Wil Anderson made too many dick jokes.

Do you not recognise quintessential Australian humour at its best, anonymous letter writer? Wil handled the accusation with maturity and intelligence, miming ‘cocksucker’ to the delighted audience. Well played Wil, well played.

While on the topic of responding to critics, an unplanned and unfathomably awkward event was entreated to the audience during this episode. Green Guide editor Andrew Murfett made an appearance.

The tension was palpable when Wil announced Andrew had given him the most scathing review he had ever received. It was perilous terrain and the audience lapped it up.

Justin Hamilton also had his chance to defend against a complainant that had accused him of sexism. Problem was that he was actually castigating people for being sexist. Justin explained that a woman took him off: “which then ironically made me hate women.” 

Such an abundance of laughs in one singular episode was the perfect example of the podcast’s consistent hilarity.

While Steele is astounded with the trivial things people actually take the time to write in about, he admits he thrives on their continuance. What would comedy do without people to mock?

The I Love Green Guide Letters is an ingenious concept. Steele Saunders is a sharp and witty host, and his selection of guests a consistently eclectic array of Australia’s finest.

I Love Green Guide Letters has already received 3000 hits on iTunes and only increases in popularity. If you haven’t already subscribed to the I Love Green Guide Letters podcast I have only one question to ask you. What on earth are you doing? Subscribe!