Southbank Dawn Raga Series

Southbank Dawn Raga Series

Hamer Hall

Enjoy the meditative and spiritual sounds of the sitar, flute and veena, and the uplifting beats of the tabla. This free musical journey through tranquil and uplifting Indian classical music has been designed by Arts Centre Melbourne, Multicultural Arts Victoria and VicHealth to energise and prepare you for the day ahead.

The monthly Southbank Dawn Raga Series will feature Melbourne-based Indian musicians, Jay Dabgar (tabla), Vinod Prassana (bansuri – Indian flute) and Hari Sivanesan (sitar) along with internationally claimed Indian musician, Pandit Purbayan Chatterjee (sitar).

A Raga, in Indian classical music, is the melodic framework for improvisation and composition. It is based on a scale with a given set of notes, a typical order in which they appear in melodies, and characteristic musical motifs. By using only these notes, by emphasizing certain degrees of the scale, and by going from note to note in ways characteristic to the raga, the performer sets out to create a mood or atmosphere that is unique to the raga in question. There are several hundred ragas in present use, and thousands are possible in theory.

The Southbank Dawn Raga Series has been designed to elevate the mental state with blissful Indian classical music in the early morning.