Six self-isolation Instagram challenges no one’s thought of yet

Six self-isolation Instagram challenges no one’s thought of yet

Words by Emily-Layne Kapetanovic

Have you tried the ‘Layer Up’ challenge?

If like me, you’ve spent your new-found spare time mindlessly flicking through Instagram stories then I’m sure you’ve seen the self-isolation Instagram challenges. That is if you haven’t been coerced into doing one already. There’s been the ten pushups challenge, see a dog, post a dog as well as drinking challenges that entail doing a shot and tagging a friend.

No matter the challenge, they’ve all been keeping us busy while we’re chilling it at home. But who said you couldn’t kickstart your own challenge? Here’s a few that, according to our sources, no one’s thought of yet.

Layer up

As the weather gets colder, you’ll be layering up to keep cosy. But what about all those t-shirts, shirts, jumpers you aren’t wearing? How about turning that into an Instagram challenge, seeing how many layers you can put on at once. Keep layering until it all gets a bit ridiculous and then post a pic of yourself with the number of layers you managed.

Lyric or script trivia

How about one for all those music and pop culture wizards out there? Chuck some lyrics up on your story and see if your friends can guess the song. Alternatively, share some script from your favourite movie or TV show and see if people can guess what show or movie you’re hinting at. It’s an easy one everyone can get around.

Three bands I’m listening to

Everyone’s always on the lookout for new music and what better way to plug the bands you love and let others know what you’re listening to by posting three bands you’re listening to at the moment. Your insight could be a source of great inspiration and it could be an opportunity to name drop that local band you’ve been smashing or to tell everyone how much you love x, y, z.

Just in time for Easter

Back in the day there was a challenge called the ‘Chubby Bunny’ challenge. The challenge was to fit as many marshmallows in your mouth while also saying “chubby bunny” after a marshmallow was added. To get into the Easter spirit, see how many easter eggs you can fit into your mouth – it’ll get you salivating in every way possible.

Post your funniest pic

After you’ve binged every comedy show available on Netflix and YouTube combined, it may be hard to find humour anywhere else. How about putting your pride aside and uploading the funniest photo you have of yourself or your dog or your sibling. Help everyone get a laugh, even if it’s at your expense. Make sure to get your friends involved so you can all have a laugh together.

Still life story

People have been drawing themselves and posting it on their Instagram stories, but what about something a little more creative? There are so many mundane objects just sitting around home, why not shed a little light on these objects by drawing them using only the utensils of Instagram. If you’re artsy, chances are you’ll have people in awe. If you’re less artsy, it’ll still be hilarious.

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