Shepherd’s Warning Fire Relief Fundraiser

Shepherd’s Warning Fire Relief Fundraiser

Shephard’s Warning
Shephard’s Delight?

$6 entry – all profits directed to the CFA

8th Feb come down to the Burrow for a spectacular lineup of loud hip-hop and experimental music featuring: Negative Thought Patterns, Obelia Waxwing, A Rat & Too Birds.

Negative Thought Patterns
Ethereal percussive duo that use hardware synths and pedals to reach distorted sounds & spaces

Obelia Waxwing
Obelia Waxwing combine ethereal vocal harmonies and ominous soundscapes of producer and vocalist Rebecca Williams with the gritty yet lush beats of Hollywood Real Thoughts. Submerging listeners deep into an ocean of fragmented machinery, celestial synths and impending subs, Obelia Waxwing draw influence from the trip hop great’s of the 1990’s (Portishead, Massive Attack, Bjork) all the way to the post-club electronic pioneers of the 2010’s (Arca, Andy Stott, Lapalux).

A Rat
Group of three make loud hip-hop with rage-full catharsis & complete ignorance of etiquette. Drums, vocal & distorted synth combine together to make you question whether they want you there or not

Too Birds
Prevalent yet subdued figures in Australia’s experimental music scene, Too Birds are solving problems. You’re allowed to watch but you must respect our process. We require silence, this is hard.