Seven reasons Wham Bam is the wildest family party in Melbourne

Seven reasons Wham Bam is the wildest family party in Melbourne

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Joey Lightbulb throws out the Beat Magazine style guide to get you tip-top for a special event.

In preparation for Wham Bam Thank You Fam’s third instalment, Welcome to Wham Bam, we let event co-founder and esteemed music journalist, Mikey Cahill (aka Joey Lightbulb), take the reigns and give us all the hot goss on what’s in store.

Alongside Laneway Festival co-founder Jerome Borazio, Cahill has created Wham Bam Thank You Fam to be an all-ages day party for everyone. In the beginning, they wanted to put on a Sunday session where everyone was catered for musically, spiritually and alcoholically. After two huge shows in Footscray, this is their biggest endeavour yet and everyone (yes everyone) is invited. Adults are free, everyone under 18 must pay.

1. Tim f**king Rogers

Tim Rogers is DJing. Yes, the Tim Rogers of You Am I, the guy who sang ‘I Got Burned’ with The Bamboos, the RockDOG who has won the Community Cup off his own boot, the RockGOD who has played more shows than you’ve been to in your whole life (think about that).

He’ll be coming in hot from the OK Motels gig in Charlton the night before and is “grooming my ducks to get ready, I do like DJing”. Rumours are he’ll help with the Rock’n’Roll choir and cover-up *cough* the voices of others who can’t actually sing. His only message? “I’ll prepare”.

2. Big Lebowski quoting opportunities

Strike Bowling is setting up a pop-up lane in the laneway next to the food trucks and mini-markets. DJs Paz, Slymewave and Johnny Rock will be spinning bangers while you smang (smash bang) giant pins/pints down with impunity. It’s all included in the entry ticket WHICH IS FREE IF YOU’RE OVER 18. Y’see, wild. 

3. Do the wild thing with a stranger

Single parents speed dating titled (wait for it): Welcome to Hornbury. Yes. Some puns write themselves. And you don’t need to have a child to take part in the speed dating. As long as you’re single and looking to mingle then have at it. It’ll run like this: everyone gets a bottle of Venom beer, gets paired up with someone for three minutes and has to tell their worst date story in the first 30 seconds.

4. Do yoga, you will

Kids do yoga. You’re telling me that’s not wild? Getting the wee bairns away from screens is a challenge, sure, but Sprouts Yoga kween Lois Kerr is up for the task. She is running a whole Wellness Zone with rainbow salads and namaste vibes.

5. Actual drop bear sighting

There’s gonna be a drop bear dropping drop bears on people’s heads. He’ll be whizzing around the space on rollerblades, the antithesis of a stagnant, stoned koala (no offence to any koalas reading). The Drop Bear spent Halloween leaping off tall buildings in a single bound, freaking out mild-mannered Docklands residents and now he’s ready to do the same to greater Northcote. See him in action here.

6. Whisky and wine (not at the same time)

There’s whisky and wine tastings courtesy of NED and Treasury Wines. Parents can get a little lit in a kitschy lounge area while their kids dance like crazy to DJs Paris Wells, Annaliese Replica, Joey Lightbulb, Bruce Swayin’ and Single Dad. Lots of public transport options to get home.

7. Endorsed graffiti

You can draw on the walls. In fact, you’re encouraged to! There’ll be Sharpie markers dangling from plywood and anyone can seize a texta and sketch a masterpiece/anti-ScoMo slogan. Not sure how this will go down when kids try it when they get home but we’re here for a good time not a long time. Teeny Tiny Stevies have promised to do a drawing before they headline the show. #burythelede

Welcome to Wham Bam takes over Welcome to Thornbury on Sunday November 24 from noon-5pm. Grab your tix via Moshtix.