Sam Campbell

Sam Campbell


What does your show say about society today? I think the show is a powerful warning for parents to not have their children vaccinated.  

Where do you plan to take your show after Melbourne Fringe? I am part of a small group of artists travelling to remote communities in South America to perform for tribes that don’t have their own Fringe Festivals (unbelievable, hey?) I cannot wait to see what those pygmies think of my jokes about Centrelink.

What was the creative process like putting the show together? My sister always talks to her friend Nadia on the phone for ages at night. I secretly transcribed their conversations and changed all the references to Nadia’s boyfriend to Tony Abbott.

What do you want the audience to take away from your show? My merch. I will be chiselling life-size ice sculptures of every audience member. 

What do you love about performing? Wish I remembered. God, I hate it so much man.