Roxley’s ‘Be Your Own King’ is the inspiring new song raising awareness for men’s mental health

Roxley’s ‘Be Your Own King’ is the inspiring new song raising awareness for men’s mental health

It’s the emerging artist’s debut single.

Roxley is the artist moniker of Benjamin Tenison, a former lieutenant of the Australian Army who has just released his debut single, ‘Be Your Own King’. Filled with positivity and optimism, ‘Be Your Own King’ says a lot from its title, illustrating one’s journey to achieving self-love and confidence – as Roxley would say, becoming “your own king”.

What you need to know

  • Roxley has just arrived with his debut single, ‘Be Your Own King’
  • The song confronts the difficulty men face in overcoming personal self-doubt and lack of confidence
  • Musically, the track is intrinsically indie pop, filled with accessible synths and pop-friendly sensibilities

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Behind Roxley’s empowering lyrics sits a vibrant bed of indie pop, where colourful synths glisten and a trusty bassline maintains the song’s momentum. But it’s the narrative of ‘Be Your Own King’ that’s the song’s most significant propellant, and it all starts with Roxley’s selflessness and bravery.

“Our men shouldn’t feel like they have to do it all on their own. It is time for men to take care of themselves, chase their dreams and support one another,” Roxley says of the song.

Roxley gathered the inspiration for ‘Be Your Own King’ after participating in numerous men’s circles, where he came to understand a worrying trend – men place so much pressure on themselves, and aren’t always equipped to easily express concern or self-doubt. As a result, they can often feel mentally boxed in.

On top of his music, Roxley also runs Ripped Like A Rockstar – an organisation that provides ongoing guidance and support for creatives to maintain their health and fitness as they pursue their art.

Check out ‘Be Your Own King’ below.

‘Be Your Own King’ is out now. For more on Roxley, head to his Facebook and HearNow page.

If you or someone you know is struggling with their mental health, you can contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.