Review: Jolly Goodfellow’s ‘One Big Story’ lets us into his heart

Review: Jolly Goodfellow’s ‘One Big Story’ lets us into his heart


Hosting his show One Big Story at the magical Storyville is a perfect combination to set you up for the world you are about to enter. After you come up the spiral wood-like staircase, your ears are greeted with heavy house beats as the curtain is pulled back to show you to your seats. Jolly Goodfellow AKA Rumpel is seen bouncing away to the track in a magical world of his own, wearing a head to toe jester suit made from ties, a chicken hat upon his head, curled shoes and a nose job like no other.

The show had already begun before taking your seats. Rumpel opened by saying how happy it made him to see such a huge crowd after a few terrible nights which gained the audience’s sympathy, but as Rumpel always says, “The show must go on!” After a very loud, alien head sound issue, due to there being no sound guy that night, Rumpel trucked on with story after story, wowing the audience with some fun facts such as travelling to 74 countries and performing in 50 – true story!

One huge show and tell, Rumpel takes to his PC after his MAC decided it didn’t want to be part of the show and exhibited photo after photo to the audience with excitement – names such as Leon Hendrix, Buzz Aldrin and Liza Minnelli, WOW!

After the photos came the video snips of him performing ridiculously long shows in numerous countries, ranging from 42 to 53 hours shows. The crowd burst into laughter while Rumpel crowd surfed in Finland, skipped rope covered in flames while upon a unicycle and had his television debut on Fat Pizza, can you believe it?!

Rumpel let us into his heart as he spoke briefly about his father passing away along with his health struggles, but also enlightening the audience that his father was a brilliant artist which was passed onto him. Back to the PC, Rumpel flicked through his sketches of jesters and quirky characters, very impressive. Rumpel pushed the message across that we should all live our days with open minds and open hearts and that we should all work together to make a bomb full of love to explode into the world, ’cause all you need is love!

The joker card is often the card that gets pushed to the side when it comes to the deck, however, you should not push aside this jester when it comes to who you will be seeing at this years Melbourne International Comedy Festival. The wild card with a heart beaming love and positivity into the crowd. And the best thing is, every show is different, according to Rumpel!

“Remember your motto as a clown, is to stop the frowns” – Rumpel does not disappoint.

Highlight: Rumpel’s slideshow of photos & videos all over the world.

Lowlight: Not ever knowing what that alien head was supposed to do!

Crowd Favourite: Watching Rumpel roll around on a unicycle in a music video.