Restrictions for indoor gatherings just got even stricter

Restrictions for indoor gatherings just got even stricter

The Prime Minister announced the new restrictions during a press conference this afternoon.

The blows just keep on coming. After banning outdoor gatherings of over 500 people last week and introducing restrictions on indoor gatherings exceeding 100 people earlier this week, Scott Morrison has tightened the rules even further, today announcing new guidelines for indoor gatherings.

The latest restrictions impose a four square metre rule on indoor gatherings of under 100 people.

“What we are now moving to is an arrangement for gatherings of less than 100, is that they would be four square metres provided per person in an enclosed space, in a room. So that’s 2m by 2m,” said Morrison.

“So for example, if you’ve got a room, if you’ve got a premises, if you’ve got a meeting room or something like that, that’s 100 square metres, then you can have 25 people in that room.”

Obviously, this will have a massive impact on a range of businesses and public spaces, as the new restrictions will apply to pubs, cafes and restaurants. At this time, schools are exempt from the new rules around indoor gatherings.

Morrison also said the new measures will remain in place for six months and the welfare system will be boosted to cater for the massive job losses expected to occur as a result.

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